Fairness will energize electric vehicle charging drive

GSWNH JoshSharp 012122

By Josh Sharp To promote electric vehicle adoption and help establish a nationwide network of EV charging stations, five governors in the Midwest region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) agreed to join what they term the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition. Based on the group’s initiative, the goal of this coalition is to foster increased cooperation between…

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Crime will be big issue this year

RichMiller 1

By Rich Miller Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch marked his first anniversary as his chamber’s top leader with a series of news media interviews last week. One of the questions I asked was what his legislative district’s constituents were talking to him about the most. “The number one issue in my district, and this is…

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Biden doesn’t heal, he hurts

RayHanania 1

By Ray Hanania On the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 demonstrations at the Capitol, which included violence on the part of some of the protesters, President Biden spoke to the American people. The first part of the speech made a lot of sense, but the last half plummeted into typical partisan politics that only…

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Home is where the school is

SWNH ThomasKnapp 092515

By Thomas L. Knapp In mid-2020, I mused that if the pandemic ended up producing any silver linings, the most likely bright spot would be its impact on government — so-called “public” — education. Throughout the previous spring, government schools had largely shut down in-person classes, switching to ad hoc and, it seems, fairly lame “remote…

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Gamesmanship in Springfield goes viral


By Rich Miller The Illinois Senate’s COVID-19 mitigation protocols (testing, masks and limited remote voting) didn’t anticipate a partisan attempt to use a record-breaking virus surge to shut the chamber down, but that’s what almost happened last week. Senate Republicans were rightfully outraged that the Democratic super-majority geared up to jam through a redistricting bill…

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Praise Biden for naming blacks to the bench

GSWNH BenJealous 010722

By Ben Jealous One of the most important reasons to vote Donald Trump out of the White House was to stop him from packing our federal courts with even more anti-voting-rights, anti-equality, pro-corporate judges. Stopping the flood of bad Trump judges was a huge accomplishment for every organizer and voter who helped elect Joe Biden as president. That’s…

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Our youth need to learn patriotism


By William O. Lipinski Back in the 1960s, long before I ran for alderman of the 23rd Ward or the U.S. Congress, I was working in the recreation department of the Chicago Park District. It was the time of the Vietnam War. I had just completed my six years in the Army reserves and wanted to…

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Pekau’s COVID-19 stance harms seniors


By Ray Hanania Nearly 75 percent of the 800,000 Americans who died from COVID-19 were 65 years of age or older. That number jumps to almost 90 percent when you include those 55 years of age and older. The virus affects people differently. The younger and healthier more easily survive. For seniors, it is a killer or…

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